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Identify Personal Meaning and Purpose

Many people - even highly successful ones - find themselves asking, "Is this all there is to life?" The On The Right Track workshop will help you Identify a purpose unique to you by connecting the stories of your life. This becomes the focus for creating a satisfying, meaningful lifetime legacy.

Discover Untapped Resources

It makes sense to make use of all your assets and resources. Included in the workshop is a simple tool for identifying key knowledge, talents, and skills you already have, but may have forgotten or overlooked.

Create a Life and Legacy of Significance

You're excited about the direction you've chosen for your life. You've identified the resources you already have for success. Now what? The workshop provides guidance in setting acheivable goals to keep you "On The Right Track."

Online Format to Fit Your Schedule

The On The Right Track workshop is provided as a series of videos with downloadable tools and resources. Unlike webinars with set attending times, this format allows you to participate on your own schedule.

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Share the Journey with Our Online Community of Significance Seekers

Workshop participants can share their ideas and experiences through our online member forum.

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On The Right Track?

The first window to sign up for Pete's workshop, On The Right Track: Connecting The Stories Of Your Life has closed. The next opportunity to register for the workshop will be in mid-September, 2017. It's a work in progress, which will continue to be adapted to meet your needs. Here's your chance to let Pete know what MUST be included to make it not just meaningful, but TRANSFORMATIONAL.
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Meet Pete Vanderpool

Pete Vanderpool will be your personal guide for your journey of self-discovery On The Right Track. He is an author, workshop facilitator, and...Santa?  Learn more.


Options for organizations

The On The Right Track workshop can be licensed for multiple users by organizations. Additionally, Pete and his team can be booked to provide the workshop live for groups. Coming soon: you can be certified as an "On The Right Track" workshop facilitator. Contact us to learn more.

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