Equipped to Bless: A guide for the journey - workbook

Equipped to Bless: A guide for the journey - softcover workbook

Story has become a buzzword. People are being encouraged to share, publish, and gather stories about themselves, their families, their activities, and their towns. Corporations are being encouraged to train sales personnel to use stories about customers’ experiences, product successes, and even the corporate story – its beginnings, growth and current position in the marketplace.

But nobody seems to be encouraging examination of the relevance of those stories. Relevance is defined as bearing upon or connected with the matter at hand. When stories, episodes, or experiences are examined using some thread of connection, strange things happen. The connection reveals important stuff you may have overlooked, perhaps even on purpose. Now words like "forgiveness" take on new meaning for you personally. The action you take may vary from nothing to a personal, face-to-face conversation which results in tears, understanding, and even some laughter.The connection may result in recognizing that you already have what you are hoping for. The authors have developed this guide to help you locate the threads, follow them without fear, and gain a deeper understanding of the person you have become.