Workshop - Equipped to Bless: On the Right Track

Equipped to Bless: On the Right Track is a workshop created by author Pete Vanderpool to reveal a simple process you can use to answer tough questions for yourself. You’ll learn how to identify the life stories – events, both big and small, from your own experience – that, when threaded together, point you in a clear direction. At the end of the process, you’ll have identified concrete steps to take toward realizing your goals and potential.

Identify Personal Meaning and Purpose. Many people - even highly successful ones - find themselves asking, "Is this all there is to life?" The On The Right Track workshop will help you Identify a purpose unique to you by connecting the stories of your life. This becomes the focus for creating a satisfying, meaningful lifetime legacy.

Discover Untapped Resources. It makes sense to make use of all your assets and resources. Included in the workshop is a simple tool for identifying key knowledge, talents, and skills you already have, but may have forgotten or overlooked.

Create a Life and Legacy of Significance. You're excited about the direction you've chosen for your life. You've identified the resources you already have for success. Now what? The workshop provides guidance in setting achievable goals to keep you "On The Right Track."

 Online Format to Fit Your Schedule  The On The Right Track workshop is provided as a series of videos with downloadable tools and resources. Unlike webinars with set attending times, this format allows you to participate on your own schedule.

Free Book and Companion Guide Receive hard copies by mail of Pete's book, Equipped to Bless: Finding Relevance in the Stories of Your Life, and the companion workbook, Equipped to Bless: A Guide for the Journey.

Free Access to Member Community Facebook Group Receive support and encouragement as you create your life and legacy of significance. Pete and his team provide tools, guidance, and other resources, updated regularly. In addition, engage with others who are applying what they learn from the workshop in their daily lives.

Start the journey now! It may be the most game-changing one you ever choose.