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The Power of Story


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Connecting The Stories Of Your Life

Welcome to my video series on the power of story! I'm glad you could join us.

In this first of three videos, I'll explain how stories can be powerful - especially the ones that tell about the events in your own life. Click on the arrow on the image above to view the video.

I've included a free gift for you at the bottom of this page. Scroll down after watching the video and click on the button to download your reference guide to the power of story in your own life.

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Video 1: Connecting The Stories Of Your Life

Video 2: Discovering The Treasure Within

Video 3: Parallel Rails On The Track to Significance

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The benefits of story are far-ranging, but also close and intimate. I've created a quick reference sheet to explain some of the uses and benefits of story in our lives. Download your free copy here!